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about nanliu-凯发平台靠谱吗

mr. c.s. huang: born in liujia township, tainan county, taiwan.
chairman of nanliu enterprise co., ltd.,
president of kaohsiung county industrial association, honorary president of taiwan nonwovens industrial association, president of asia nonwovens fabric association (anfa), president of huang's genealogical association of taiwan, honorary doctorate of national kaohsiung university of applied sciences, honorary professor of cheng shiu university, honorary professor of ling tung university.

nanliu enterprise co., ltd was founded in ciaotou township, kaohsiung county, taiwan by mr. c.s. huang in 1978. for repaying his feelings and memories to his hometown, he named the company "nanliu" (tainan county, liujia township). the company engaged in selling household goods such as kitchen cleaning wipes, grinding wheels, and etc. during earlier days. in order to enhance market competitiveness, mr. huang realized the importance of upgrading existing products to advanced products. nanliu became the first company who used foreign advanced carding machines to manufacture air-through & thermal bonded fabrics in taiwan. the revenue from exporting became over half of its annual total turn-over. nanliu has enjoyed a very good reputation from customers in japan、america、southeast asia, etc.

in order to meet the change & new developments of global business opportunities, nanliu planned to copy taiwan's successful experience to mainland china. in 2005, nanliu established a new plant in pinghu economic development zone of jiaxing city, zhejiang province. it invested in european made spunlace machine of 4.5m width which is the largest line in asia. apart from producing fabrics for hygiene products, nanliu (pinghu) also started to produce medical fabrics for surgical gowns and drapes, as well as for low-lint high-tech industrial wipes to increase the added-value of its products.


the pinghu plant also has a biotechnology workshop with a total area of some 4500 m2. it has been certified by gmpc and has been equipped with an advanced edi ultra-pure water system, allowing for the production of medical grade ultra-pure water to enhance competitive advantages for our customers. an (or maybe better: a first ) air-through & thermal-bonded line has been built in the second quarter of 2008. because the line was laid out with two carding machines, it would produce excellent top layers, backsheet and sub-layer fabrics for diapers and sanitary napkins to meet our customers' needs.

『uphold founder's belief of "good cycle"』
insistence on high quality, satisfactory services, and reasonable prices to become the best partner for customers. through supporting of good quality, prices, and services from nanliu, our customers would like to buy more from us. we would share profits with our employees、shareholders and so on in sincerity. under these good cycle and profit-sharing principles, our employees and shareholders would be willing to support the development of company without any hesitation. it would reach the goal of four parties - customers, employees, shareholders, and the general public all win.

through a flat organization structure, nan liu integrates resources effectively; lead the team by thinking on innovation & reform; combine diversified business model to implement the vision of high-tech, high-automation and high-quality to strengthen in all special nonwoven fields. in addition, implement methods to improve the management of production processes, reduce production costs and enhance global competitiveness of the company.
nanliu investment in china's pinghu plant has been economically large. the site of our taiwan head office is going to become a new town development zone and commercial district. taking advantage of this opportunity, our company is setting up a new plant on an area of 100,000 m2, located very close to the head office. in the first half of 2019, the head office will be moved over there and nonwoven production on this new site will start.
the plant in ahmedabad, india, will start its construction phase in early 2019. in the next three years, nanliu will also establish new production plants in other southeast asian countries and this will allow for more production capability, strengthen the company's global expansion plan and use opportunities offered by global markets.
the founders huang chin-shan and huang ho-chun strive to financially help the poor. in 2012, the nanliu charity foundation was established. a foreign-funded charity foundation is also set up in pinghu, zhejiang province of china, fulfilling corporate responsibility and giving back to the public.
in the future, we will continue to maintain a "cycle of goodness" mentality (meaning, "no one prospers without rendering benefits to others"), so that nanliu's products can be of the highest quality by keeping customers first and achieving the goal of win-win for customers, companies and society alike. (philosophy of ykk – www.ykk.com)