nanliu opening 6.2-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2012-06-26 nanliu opening 6.2-meter wide spunlace line in china
industry news - live from anex 2012
nanliu enterprises announced at anex today (stand c35) that it is opening a 6.2-meter wide spunlace line at its facilities in pinghu, china, near shanghai. according to the company, the line will be the largest/widest in the world.

the company also plans in motion to become a publicly traded company by early next year.

the main objective of the new line in china is to meet high, growing demand in asia. the new line accompanies an existing 4.5-meter spunlace line in pinghu. nanliu also has two spunlace lines in taiwan, along with three thermal bond and air through bond lines in taiwan and another in pinghu. the company also has finished wet wipe lines at all three of its plants, notes bernard kerstens, commercial director (overseas business).