nanliu year-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2020-01-19 nanliu year-end party hosting 120 tables with chairman expressing “high confidence” on this year’s revenue.

nanliu enterprise (6504) has held its year-end party in the kaohsiung yanchao factory area with 120 tables. more than 600 employees participated along with their family. the south taiwan symphony orchestra was invited to entertain the staff. chairman chin-san huang said that he was "very confident" in 2020’s revenue.

nanliu's revenue last year (2019) was nt$ 6.572 billion, a decrease of 3.15% over the previous year. looking forward to this year, chairman chin-san huang is optimistic that the turnover is expected to surge to more than 7.2 billion, with growth of nearly 15%, and the profit is expected to be better than last year.

in addition to increasing its investment in taiwan, nanliu continued to expand overseas as well. chairman said that the indian plant will be completed and put into production in the third quarter of this year (2020). the monthly production capacity will be 600 tons of non-woven fabrics, 2 million sheets of facial sheet masks, and 3~4 million packs of wet wipes, with an expected annual turnover of nt$ 1 billion after three years.

nanliu invested more than 3.5 billion in taiwan last year. chairman said that new biotech factory will have an investment of more than nt$ 100 million. a total of 2 production lines were put into operation in june 2019, one with 1800 tons per month and the other with 400 tons. chairman remarked that nanliu will become a world-class biotech factory by launching health products, skin care products, lotions, and facial masks. it is expected that there will be new products in 3 years.

nanliu china's pinghu plant contributed about 30% of its revenue. in 2019, it was affected by the depreciation of the chinese yuan cnyagainst the taiwan dollar. general manager ho-chun huang pointed out that the conversion alone led to a loss of nt$ 107 million, but he stressed that this year pinghu factory has very strong orders. the monthly production of spunlace non-woven fabrics is 1,500 tons, surgical gowns is 600 tons, hot air through is 1,150 tons, wet wipes is 5.5 million packs, and facial masks are 5 million pieces. the estimated output value in 2020 is more than cny 1.1 billion.

gm mr. huang ho-chun revealed that an international diaper factory has placed a large order this year. at present, china’s production capacity is in tighten supply. next, the pinghu plant will expand another 30 mu (5 acres) of land and add 2 air-through production lines, which for customers who produce baby diapers and sanitary napkins. among them, 20 mu (3.2 acres) to be set up as automatic warehouses for logistics. he said that "the plant will be built by the end of this year", and production will begin early next year. it is estimated that the output value will increase to cny 1.5 billion in three years.