2019 japan nonwoven report (special overseas edition) reports on nanliu.-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2020-01-09 2019 japan nonwoven report (special overseas edition) reports on nanliu.

reports on the recent developments of nan liu enterprise co., ltd. and overview of non-woven fabrics in taiwan (dated november 10th 2019)

nanliu enterprise co., ltd., which has been established over 40 years ago, currently has three factories in taiwan, the qiaotou factory, yanchao spunlace factory and a new yanchao main factory in addition to a zhejiang pinghu factory located in mainland china.

as part of an expansion plan, in february 2019, nanliu head office was relocated from the old qiaotou factory to the new yanchao factory (100,000 sq. m) with an investment of 3 billion taiwan dollars.

currently yanchao new factory has:

pure cotton spunlace line – to produce nonwoven fabrics of 30-100 gsm with production capacity of 500 tons per month, and

6.2m wide spunlace line – to produce nonwoven fabrics of 26-150 gsm with production capacity of 2000 tons per month.

with utmost support and good response from well-known international customers, nanliu continues to expand new production lines. in 2019, nanliu’s combined production capacity of spunlace non-woven fabrics will reach 65,000 to 70,000 metric tons. the plant area also plans to add more latest cosmetics and wipes converter equipment.

in addition to spunlace and air through non-woven fabrics, wet wipes, facial masks and other products, the company is also actively developing medical surgical gowns, surgical drapes, anti-static dust-free wiping cloths and vertical integration of upper and lower products to product added value and profit.

ching-tsun biomedical technology co., ltd.

in the second quarter of 2019, the company's board of directors approved a new investment of 3.5 billion taiwan dollars to establish a 100% equity subsidiary- ching-tsun biomedical technology co., ltd., right opposite to the new yanchao factory, for which 10 hectares of land have been acquired and future plans will be done by the end of the year. this factory will produce high-value surgical supplies, beauty care, health care and other bio-tech products.

nanliu india:

the groundbreaking ceremony for the nanliu india factory was held in october 2019. the plant is being constructed by sumitomo mitsui construction india. nanliu plans to put into operation two hot air-through nonwoven production lines in the third quarter of 2020, followed by wet tissues and facial mask equipment.

india has a large population and a great potential business opportunity. at present, there are not many local non-woven fabric suppliers with stable and excellent quality in india. therefore, nanliu’s products has great expectations.

even six years before the establishment of the nanliu indian plant, nanliu began to cultivate indian candidates. it selected and sponsored tuition for eight international students who had graduated from the local indian national university to study at the national kaohsiung university of science and technology in taiwan and in addition learn the local mandarin language. after graduation, they became a full-time employee and are currently working for the indian factory.

overview of nonwoven fabrics in taiwan:

in taiwan's nonwoven fabrics industry, the medical and sanitary sector is still the largest, accounting for 35% and the second largest is household wipes with 18%. these two categories are mostly made by spunlace nonwoven and their composite materials. other applications are filters, furniture, car interiors, bags/packaging materials, geotechnical materials, coated substrates, agricultural and horticultural materials, etc. (from review and analysis of taiwan's nonwovens industry in 2018)

the birth rate of taiwan's newborns is the lowest in the world. in 2018, with a population of 23 million there were only 180,000 newborns. so, the baby diapers market size and related products is limited.

the market for taiwanese women's disposable facial masks should not be underestimated. many manufacturers of non-woven facial masks have benefited a lot. nanliu has rich capabilities in the research and development of mask ingredients and its production expertise. the orders of international brand oems continue to grow.

compared with foreign countries, taiwanese has a large demand for daily use surgical masks. according to the investigation, it was caused by the spread of sars in 2003 post which there was a surge in the market. masks were in short supply for a while but now the awareness and dependence have increased significantly.