nanliu’s revenue hit a new high this year.-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2020-01-19 nanliu’s revenue hit a new high this year.


dr. chin-san huang, chairman of nanliu (6504), the asia ’s largest spunlace nonwoven factory, said that he is optimistic about the economic prosperity this year and expects a smooth growth. this year, nanliu will have increased production and the growth will be better than last year, hoping to break a record high.

in addition, the nanliu group established ching-tsun biomedical technology co., ltd, a subsidiary in july last year. the products will be medical materials such as extracts and medical patches. this area will become an important development focus of nanliu in the next decade.

chairman chin-san huang said that he is optimistic the output value of the pinghu plant in mainland china in 2020 is expected to exceed cny 1.1 billion (about nt$ 4.84 billion). in fact, last year's performance was not too bad, but the raw materials accounted for 25% of erosion of profits and the exchange rate of the chinese yuan was severe.

chairman said that nanliu currently has qiaotou factory and a yanchao factory in taiwan; a pinghu factory in zhejiang province in mainland china; and an indian factory is also being set up. nanliu india is expected to start production in september-october this year. the production capacity will be 7200 tons of non-woven fabrics per annum; and monthly 2 million sheets of facial sheet masks, and 3~4 million packs of wet wipes for indian market, with an expected annual turnover of nt$ 1 billion in the first phase.

the legal department believes that nanliu yanchao's new plant is expected to show clear results after the second quarter of 2020. with the expansion of yanchao, pinghu and india in the next three years, long-term profitable momentum is expected for nanliu. in 2020, with the new yanchao factory, revenue is expected to return back to its growth trajectory.