nanliu will be the largest manufacturer of masks in taiwan-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2020-07-07 nanliu will be the largest manufacturer of masks in taiwan

the covid-19 broke out in the first half of the year. masks company’s and related raw materials supplier’s production reached to the full capacity. however, the first thing dr. chin-san huang, chairman of nanliu, thought of was doing charity. he planned to build a central kitchen in liujia, tainan, to provide meals for the elderly. he also planned to purchase mask machines, spun-bond nonwovens (water repellent) machines and meltblown nonwovens (absorbing bacteria and harmful substances) machines to prepare for the third quarter.

according to dr. chin-san huang, nanliu is a member of the national mask team and has contributed to the country during the covid-19. in addition, nanliu has also donated more than 3 million masks to india, the united states, japan, the philippines, the united nations association for the advancement of taiwan, and universities in taiwan. dr. chin-san huang concerns resurgence of covid-19, but the company is well prepared. in the third quarter, the number of mask machine will increased to 35 sets, 5 of which are for n95 with a total monthly output of 100 million masks.

nanliu will become taiwan’s largest mask manufacturer by then, and will add three spunbonded nonwovens machines and a meltblown nonwovens machines. since then, nanliu will fully control the raw materials of three-layer masks. in the first quarter of 2020, the highest proportion of product sales is biotechnology (including wet wipes, care products and masks) accounting for about 34.7% of the revenue, followed by spunlace nonwovens (used as inner layer material of mask) accounting for 27.7%, thermal bonded nonwovens (as isolation clothing material) accounting for 27.6%, and disposable scrubs accounting for 10%.