board of directors and supervisors-凯发平台靠谱吗

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board of directors and supervisors


nan liu enterprise co., ltd.
board of directors 
job title
main working (education) experience
current positions in the company
or other companies
bixiu investments co., ltd.
huang chin-san
department of accounting, ling tung university
master of industrial engineering and management, national kaohsiung university of applied sciences
honorary doctor of engineering
chairman of bixiu investments co., ltd.
chairman of nanliu enterprise   co., ltd (samoa)
chairman of nan liu enterprise co., ltd. (pinghu)
honorary director of taiwan nonwoven fabrics industry association
chairman of asia nonwoven fabrics association (anfa)
tian zi ding investments co., ltd.
huang, huo-cun
department of chinese medicine, beijing university of chinese medicine
general manager
chairman of tian zi ding investments co., ltd.
deputy chairman of nan liu enterprise co., ltd. (pinghu)
yang rui-hua
zhongzheng senior high school
manager of senlong chemical fiber co., ltd.
director of nan liu enterprise co., ltd. (pinghu)
wang, chin-hung
ph.d., national chengchi university of commerce
counselor, taipei exchange
ceo, small and medium enterprise administration, taipei city government
director of cross-strait business general association
ceo of nan tsan co., ltd.
cso of quadlink technology inc.
consultant of xingbao international co., ltd.
su chao-shan
executive master of business administration,
national sun yat-sen university
department of law, national taiwan university
professor and dean of college of business and information, shih chien university
chairman of bank of kaohsiung
assistant manager of mizuho bank
director of bankers association of kaohsiung
supervisor of laser tek taiwan co., ltd.
chung mao-chih
department of accounting, ling tung university

business administration program, tunghai university

xin shi dai accountancy and tax agent
huang, tung-rong
master’s degree, accounting department, national chi nan university.
department of banking and insurance, tamkang university.
department of accounting, ling tung college of business.
managing partner, universal united cpa (cpa).
supervisor, lien chang electronic enterprise (stock code: 2431).
independent director, channel well technology (stock code: 3078).
audit committee member, united way
chung mao-chih
huang, jin-feng

ph. d., textile science and technology management, north carolina state university. ph. d., textile science, illinois university.

full-time associate professor, oriental institute of technology, (formerly known as oriental institute).

dean, garment engineering.

associate professor, national taiwan university of science and technology.
drafter and review committee member, customs officers and textile technician exams, special exam of civil servants, ministry of examination, executive yuan.
adjunctassociate professor, department of fiber and composite materials, feng chia university.
huang chun-ping
ph.d. candidate, global business, institute of china and asia-pacific studies, national sun yat-sen university
lecturer of department of business administration, cheng shiu university