sustaining community services-凯发平台靠谱吗

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sustaining community services


1.     the company has referred to labor standards act and international human rights instruments, such as gender equality, rights of employment, and prohibition of discrimination, to stipulate relevant management policies and procedures. in addition, the company has established the employee welfare committee to supervise and protect employees' interest. the company also encourages employees to participate in activities held by the employees' welfare committee and grants employees bonuses and gifts during folk festivals.
2.     based on humane management, the company has set up communication forums, suggestion boxes, and group meetings to allow employees to unilaterally or bilaterally communicate with supervisors.
3.     the company holds an annual health examination and fire drill on a regular basis and continuously provides training, promotion seminars, communication forums, and consultation to encourage employees to make improvements, care for the environment, and jointly create a healthy and energetic enterprise through a voluntary safety and health management system.
4.     the company holds a labor conference on a regular basis to build up a harmonious communication mechanism between the company and employees and uses appropriate means to notify employees of operational changes that may result in material impacts.
5.     the company holds internal training programs and expatriate professional training programs from time to time to cultivate employees' competencies and strengths. the training programs for employees are described below.
6.     the company has a toll-free hotline, 0800-556-668, and arranges responsible personnel to process customer complaints. the company also purchases product liability insurance of nt$50 million to enhance its corporate social responsibilities.
7.     the company is compliant with relevant laws and international laws governing the marketing and labeling of its products and services. the company follows the related laws and regulations governing its business operations.
8.     the company evaluates new and existing suppliers based on the quality, price, service, and speed; to build long-term partnerships, the company will emphasize environmental protection and human rights to fulfill corporate governance in the supply chain.
9.     the contracts between the company and its major suppliers do not include terms whereby the company may terminate or rescind the contract at any time if said supplier has violated the company's corporate social responsibility policy.