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     nanliu made the following donations to the government and local groups from time to time:

ø donated nt$3.75 million to lioujia district office, tainan city government and gangshan precinct.
ø donated nt$950,000 to ling tung university, national kaohsiung university of applied sciences, liou-jia junior high school, liou-jia elementary school, and lin-feng elementary school.
ø donated nt$4 million to the elderly meal service in qijia community, tainan city and cultural and educational foundations.
ø donated nt$70,000 to the provision of white rice in kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools.
ø donated nt$150,000 to children and family foundations, teacher chang foundation, fuxing disability association of kaohsiung, boai disability association of new taipei city xinzhuang district.
ø donated nt$1 million to community activities.
ø donated nt$140,000 to friends of police association and friends of armed forces association.
ø donated nt$2.55 million to cultural, artistic, and sports activities.
ø donated nt$1.97 million to cultural and educational foundations.
ø donated nt$400,000 to kaohsiung municipal social education center and china youth corps.