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it’s the era of new demand of rapid technology innovation, and the washing-out rate of product life becomes faster and faster. therefore, the industry must innovate and develop new products continuously. through market investigation and designing ingredient to develop the consumers’ favorite products, and also, at the same time, hold the recent information of the market and use of technology to develop products with difference, uniqueness, and competitiveness.
biotech research center innovates and develops the technologies of facemasks、cosmetic care products and so on continuously to make sure the advantages of competitiveness. through our products, customers would obtain the satisfactory of process and experience of convenience from new technologies in a short period of time. for example, nanliu has established an independent research & development of extraction technology of white truffle. nanliu would maintain the management technology of cosmetic care products and seize key technologies to maintain the leading position.
enhance the skin-care function and quality of products on related r&d, for example , set up automatic production equipment to reduce man-made pollution in process; using a set of complete sterilizing system to prevent the contaminated products; employ an integrated micro-organism testing system to check the appropriate degree of raw materials, which would ensure the safety of products.