nanliu’s hearts and love to hometown, organizing mid-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2012-01-19 nanliu’s hearts and love to hometown, organizing mid-autumn festival gala and caring for the weak

chairman of the nanliu enterprise mr. chin-san huang upholds the principle "whatever you take from the society, you should give it back" and is committed himself to give back to the township.

chairman chin-san huang established the chijia tianfu nanliu culture and education cares fund in 1997. in addition, during the three major festivals in taiwan, daily commodities and donations were given to the disadvantaged groups in the tainan liujia district.

at the same time, chairman huang chin-san also provided special contributions to the elderly living alone in the liujia district and to those who are in need. recently, two visually impaired people were hired to massage free for the elderly during a meeting.

in addition, during the mid-autumn festival gala in liujia, he also invited tang meiyun opera troupe, minghuayuan group, paper windmill troupe to celebrate the spring festival and the lunar new year.

chairman chin-san huang donated more than nt$2 million per year, for the underprivileged groups and cultural arts activities. his love and affection have long been praised by the residents and he is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.