nanliu’s donations to laiyi senior high school/ sports team-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2019-05-22 nanliu’s donations to laiyi senior high school/ sports team


boxing champion hong jia qing’s coach said that professional boxing is not popular in taiwan, so it is very hard to cultivate players. all the resources and environment facilities must rely on corporate sponsorship. the resources from nan liu enterprise allow the children who practice boxing to have the opportunity to reverse their lives.

hong jia qing, who is currently in the third year of university, said that there are currently no more than five professional boxers in taiwan. the resources are particularly scarce, especially when they go abroad. he is very grateful for the funding of the company to the school and his juniors.

principal of laiyi high school mr. chen guan ming said that “thanks to the sponsorship of companies such as the nanliu, the outstanding players like jia qing have achieved today's results”.