sponsored tianliao’s opera performance-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2019-10-13 sponsored tianliao’s opera performance

 sponsored tianliao’s opera performance

during the national day, nanliu co-hosted a taiwanese opera with kaohsiung city tianliao district office.

the shintrun drama group was invited to perform a traditional taiwanese opera.many elders along with their grandchildren enjoyed the drama and relived the scenes from their early childhood.

the performance allowed the young people to learn more about the childhood of their grandparents, passing the beauty of opera culture from generation to generation.

on behalf of the city government, the head of tianliao district office mr. wu mao shu, expressed his sincere gratitude to nanliu chairman dr. chin san huang.

he praised nanliu and others for their enthusiastic participation in public welfare and its contribution towards the meal service and cultural activities for the elderly.