postcards of the traditional architecture in liujia-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2020-06-30 postcards of the traditional architecture in liujia


the postcards released by the liujia district office is about 5 hand-painted well-known old houses with poetry, hoping to attract more people to experience the beauty of traditional architecture and culture in liujia district

the mayor of liujia district, who wrote poems for these historic spot, said that the purpose of writing poemsis to present local characteristics, so that people can appreciate the historical town from different viewpoints, and express their deep feelings and expectations for the local place through pictures and pictures.

the office stated that there are only 500 sets of first print, and the number is limited. it is planned to use postcards as souvenirs to commemorate the beauty of liujia for occasion. postcards will post on the public website for free download.