provide meals for the elderly! dr.chin-凯发平台靠谱吗

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2020-07-01 provide meals for the elderly! dr.chin-san huang builds a central kitchen for his hometown.


dr.chin-san huang, chairman of nanliu enterprise, one of the national mask team, has provided lunch and dinner for the underprivileged groups in his hometown of liujia district and nearby in tainan for more than 10 years. this year dr. chin-san huang decided to spend 25 million ntd to build a central kitchen for meals. the design layout was first exposed. the three-storey building is not only a kitchen, but also a place for the elderly to have leisure, meetings and arts and culture functions. chief of cijia-village, also the director-general of nanliu charity foundation, said that kitchen workers and food delivery workers will be hired and services will be extended to the neighboring districts in the future.

the central kitchen is located next to cijia, liujia district. the land has been purchased many years ago. chief of cijia-village said that the base has 121 ping, which will be built with three floors and 50 ping on each floor. according to the preliminary plan, the first floor is the kitchen, the second floor is the restaurant and ktv room, and the third floor has the meeting room, which will be adjusted according to the actual use. dr. chin-san huang hopes to finish the project by the end of this year.

liujia district mayor said that dr. chin-san huang was born in rural family in liujia, tainan. he worked hard to become a leader in nonwovens fabrics and join a national mask team during covid-19. he named the enterprise nanliu because he did not forget his origin and was also the pride of his hometown. his father and grandfather are also the chairmen of cijia long lake tianfu. he extended the charity heart to establish nanliu charity foundation. the plan to deliver meals for erldly has continued for more than 10 years. he held year-end party, each table is at least 7000 ntd or more, to take care of the underprivileged groups. he also contributed to the efforts of local charities and arts work.