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customer area
  • sam s.h. chang, executive vice president, sales department
  • office: 886 7 6116616 ext. 106
  • email:samchang@nanliugroup.com
  • customer service center
shareholders area
  • chun jin chuang, general manager, finance department
  • office: 886 7 6116616 ext. 312
  • email:jin@nanliugroup.com
  • investor area
supplier area
  • lilian chiang, manager, purchase department
  • office: 886 7 6116616 ext. 281
  • email:lilian@nanliugroup.com
employee area
  • john huang, assistant of president
  • office: 886 7 6116616 ext. 211
  • email: johnhuang24@nanliugroup.com
for questions about customers service and complaints, please call 0800-556-668(toll free for domestic calls only). our representatives will take care of your needs. our products are covered by totally ntd 50,000,000 product liability insurance.
we assure fair and open treatment to all shareholders. annual shareholders' meetings are held in accordance with company act and other related regulations. notice of shareholders' meetings is also executed legally and shareholders are encouraged to attend the meeting to elect board members, amend the articles of incorporation, etc. since our registration on otc and then being listed on twse in may 7, 2013, we disclose to the public all required information complying with laws and regulations.
our purchase agents keep close contacts with suppliers and all accounts are paid on time without any deferral. moreover, we regularly post our financial information on market observation post system.
based on our creed of a stable and sustainable entity, we care a lot about employees' welfare. each month we set aside statutory amount of money into employees' welfare fund. activities that are mentally or physically healthy for labors are also arranged occasionally, such as dinning parties, annual health inspections, wedding/funeral payments, group insurance and accident insurance, etc. according to the labor standards act, we also have a rule of retirement and established supervisory committee of labor retirement reserve. a certain percentage of monthly total salaries is set aside into the reserve and is deposited in the pension account in bank of taiwan for future retirement payments. we abide by all related laws and regulations and keeps very good relations with labors.